The Orchestras of the Casino

Glass Negative of the Newport Casino, from the Library of Congress Digital Archives

The Newport Casino opened its doors in 1880 and the theater on the grounds was opened in 1881. Music was an important part of daily life at the Casino. Every summer an orchestra was hired to perform for the season and in the Gilded Age, the Casino was very popular. Below are some ads for concerts

In 1885, the Secretary of the Navy, William Whitney, had to get involved in a labor dispute between the band of the Training Ship New Hampshire and the group that had been performing at the Casino.

The Music of the Casino Orchestras

Heart O' Mine

Composed in 1913 by Robert A. Keiser and Eugene Platzmann

Performed in Newport at the Casino by Henri Conrad and his Orchestra

La Rumba (El Danson Social)

Composed in 1913 by J. Tim Brymn

“A Tremendous Success at the Casino at Newport…”

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