Music Composed About the city and the People of Newport

The Beauty of Newport

Newport has always been known for coastal beauty. The Cliff Walk has been around since the late 1800s and is one of Newport’s best known tourist attractions today. And we can’t forget Newport’s beaches. The beaches of Newport have always drawn crowds!

On the Cliff at Newport

Composed by C.A. Boyd in 1870 with text by J.W. Meath.

Dedicated to “Miss Louise Sylvester, The Talented Comedienne & Vocalist”

This song will be sung soon!

On the Beach at Newport

Composed by William Stenfield in 1858 with poetry by H. Marrell.

Notice the * on the first page of the score giving the listen the option of Newport or a few other beaches in NJ!

This song will be sung soon!

Celebrating Newport Society

Even before the Gilded Age of the late 19th century, Newport was a place of society. Here we celebrate a song from the mid 1800s followed by a march from the beginning of the 20th century celebrating the Gilded Age and the Vanderbilts!

Belle of Newport, Thy Parting Tear

Composed in 1850 by James Maeder with words by J.S. Foster

This song will be sung soon!

The Venture March

Composed by Nahan Franko in 1909 and dedicated to Alfred G. Vanderbilt.

The Venture was a coach built for Alfred Vanderbilt in 1903 and currently resides in the Breakers Stables & Carriage House, in Newport.

Alfred Vanderbilt was a passenger on the Lusitania and died when it was sunk by a U-Boat.

The Artillery Company of Newport

Composed by Richard B. Taylor in 1838 and dedicated to the “Officers and Members of the Company.

The Artillery Company of Newport is still active today!

Originally performed by The American Band of Providence.

Newport's Old Stone Mill

The Stone Tower in today’s Touro Park on Bellevue Avenue has been the subject of myths and legends. Who built the tower and when was it built? We won’t get into the stories of the tower, but we will share some beautiful music written with the Old Stone Mill in mind.

Bishop's Serenade

Composed by T. Brigham Bishop in 1857 with poetry Joseph P. Hornnor.

Song No. 3 in his Sounds from the Old Stone Mill.

Dedicated to Etta Churchell, of Portland, Me.

This Song will be sung soon!

The Tale of the Viking

Composed by George E. Whiting in 1881.

The text is from a poem by Henry W. Longfellow.

Listen to the piano arrangement of the overture.

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