The Music of Fort Adams

Fort Adams, date unknown

Fort Adams was the home of United States Artillery Units starting in the mid 1800s. Each of the units stationed at the Fort had a band with them. These bands not only performed at the Fort, but they were in demand in the city for public and private events. Learn more about Fort Adams here. There were different units and bands stationed at the Fort through the years. Here are some examples of programs from various bands.

The Band of the 7th Coastal Artillery Corps

Many of the musicians who served at Fort Adams are buried in the Old Post Cemetery, including two band leaders.

Chief Musician Ludwig Frank, conductor of the 5th United States Artillery Band, died June 11, 1873.

Chief Musician John T. Freeman, conductor of the Band of the 7th United States Coastal Artillery Corps, died April 13, 1914.

The Music Dedicated to the Men at the Fort

Fort Adams March

Composed by William H. Schultze in 1857

“Performed by the Germania at Newport”

Dedicated to Col. Magruder, U.S. 1st Light Artillery (stationed at Fort Adams)

Bellevue Promenade

Composed by Kenneth Price in 1878.

“As played by the Band of the 1st Regiment, U.S. Arty. at the Newport Concerts.”

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